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Music on Hold while Your Customers are on the Line

Keep Callers on the Line

A recent university study concluded that callers would remain on hold for, on average, 20% longer when played music than when left holding in silence. You can choose to buy music-on-hold in our Standard Compilations or in Custom Compilations chosen by you from our library. Call us for an up-to-date list and order form appropriate for your equipment.

Music in Mirror Audio's library falls into three categories:

Classical Licence-Free Music on Hold

A selection of music-on-hold recordings of orchestral and instrumental works found to be most popular with telephone audiences, from Vivaldi to Gershwin.

Contemporary Licence-Free Music on Hold

Original music-on-hold specially recorded for Mirror Audio in a variety of modern styles, including electronic mood music, light jazz and rock.

Contemporary Copyright Music on Hold

Popular copyright music-on-hold in vocal and instrumental arrangements recorded for Mirror Audio (requires a licence from the Performing Rights Society).

Media and Formats

Music is commonly supplied in CD format, but Mirror Audio can accommodate a variety of formats including some older technologies.

Demonstration Line

Call 0871 873 2261 to listen to samples from the Mirror Audio Library.

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  Music on Hold

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Music Licensing and the Law

If you play a commercial recording, such as a CD from the shop, to callers on hold, you are obliged by law to obtain a licence from Phonographic Performance Ltd (PPL). The cost of such a licence depends on the number of phone lines you have. All Mirror Audio's recordings have all been specially made for us such that no requirement for a PPL licence exists.

Some music, normally written in the last 50 years, requires a licence from the Performing Right Society in order to be played over the telephone line. Mirror Audio's Classical and Contemporary licence Free titles have been chosen so that you do not need this licence either. If you choose titles from the Copyright section of the library, you will need to arrange a licence directly with the Performing Right Society who can be contacted via their web site: www.prsformusic.com.